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Recently, I have been experiencing major loss of packets in CSGO. Spikes go from 9% all the way to 35%, which makes the game literally unplayable, as I am dead before I even see the enemy. All this wouldn't be that weird, but this packet loss happens in CSGO - exclusively. Ping command in cmd, various online tools, and TeamSpeak show 0.0% packet loss, and my internet connection is perfect otherwise How to fix CS:GO high ping and packet loss issues. Here are some of the most user-friendly and effective ways to bring down your latency. Restart your modem and router; Verify integrity of game cache files; Use wired connections instead of Wi-Fi; CS:GO Launch Options; Flush your DNS cache; Close bandwidth-hogging applications; Disable your antivirus softwar i have 10-25% packet loss after the recent ambient sound exploit update, i've restarted my router and several times, unpluging the LAN cable multiple times, verify game files and nothing. i also tested ping google.com with the command prompt 100 times and none of them are lost (0% packet loss) Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 100, Received = 100, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 54ms, Maximum = 55ms, Average = 54ms i want to.. The aforementioned jugaads can be an attempt to solve solve high ping and packet loss in CS:GO. But, at times, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be the reason behind this mess. The ISP's routing might not be efficient to the destination server or the server you're playing on might be far away from your location. In case of former, registering a complaint with ISP would be your best bet I know it is packet loss because when these instances occur my loss spikes to between 1%-5% before going away. Steps I have taken to resolve this error: Verified game cache; Reinstalled cs:go; Factory reset router; Tried using a different router; I do not suffer from any network problems outside of CS:GO and this issue only arose after the latest update. I am convinced this is a CS:GO bug that I cannot fix on my own

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  1. Go to Start and then Run or press windows key + r enter cmd into the field and press enter type: ping IPADDRESSHERE -t observe your pings and eventually press ctrl + c and it will stop the ping and it will output how many packets were lost (both packets and %) If you are getting packet loss outside of the game it has nothing to do with the game. Also, if you can't ping an IP address that you know is having issues then ping google.com instead as it allows constant pings
  2. Awful ping/choke/packet loss, only in CS:GO? I recently started playing CS:GO again due to the Wildfire Operation, and yet the game is unplayable. In every game I join, I get anywhere between 1-20% choke, 1-10% packet loss, and my ping never drops below 150. This is only happening in CS:GO, every other game is fine
  3. Occasionally we're looking at 10-80% packet loss. It's unplayable and the fact that it ONLY happens in CS:GO makes me believe it's something on Valve's side. The ping spikes are something different. They don't happen as often but do usually occur at the same time as the spikes in packet loss
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  5. Take the phone, call you ISP, shout as loud as you can My internet connection has a huge packet loss problem, fix it now. 2020-01-07 04:33. 2 replies

To wrap it up, you can fix CS:GO packet loss easily if all the stars are aligned. However, sometimes the issue is on your ISP's side and there's little to nothing you can do to alleviate it, other than contacting customer support and informing someone about the situation. You can use a VPN to improve packet loss, but note that it will only work if the packet leaks occur on your ISP's end. Edit: Forgot to ask what is the acceptable packet loss for cs go. The acceptable packet loss no matter the game is always 0% and not a fraction more. Unlike ping packetloss can't be compensated and that's why its so bad and should never happen. Btw this problem is likely on valves end and not your connection. You can confirm this by playing on community servers Moin! Ich habe Vodafone Kabel 200 seit Oktober. Seitdem stelle ich immer Abends oder auch mal über den Tag fest, dass ich Laggs bzw. Packetloss habe. Das nervt tierisch. Spielen ist so gut wie unmöglich. Vor einem Jahr noch, als ich DSL von 1&1 hatte, gab es nie so welche Probleme. An was kann.. 20 votes, 39 comments. Hello, I'm having a packet loss issue on CS GO. Not all the time but once maybe every 10 minutes where the packet loss goes How to Fix (CS:GO) Packet Loss and Chokesorry for my mic, I accidentally use the wrong setting for my mic :}(packet loss fix)Step 1: Go to Windows search bar..


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Upcoming Events 41d › The LAN Downunder 2021: Day 1 - Group Stage 0 4d › RGL S6 W1B: GlobalClan Ice vs. Ford Gaming 1 RGL S6 AM W3: Yorkshire vs. The Bad Touch 1 ETF2L Nations Cup #8 Group B Round 3: Norway vs. Spain 0 RGL S6 W3B: froyotech vs. GlobalClan Ice 0 ETF2L Nations Cup #8 Group F Round 3: Italy vs. Russia 0 ETF2L Nations Cup #8 Group G Round 3: Hungary vs. Denmark 0 OZF 31 Main. Packet Loss: Sometimes it does not affect the ping, but can cause single hard lags. What is packet loss? While playing CS:GO, you have to connect to a server: After connecting to the server, your computer has to transfer and receive data from that server. During the transfer, if data is lost, then it causes packet loss. Packet loss In shows that data was not able to receive and Packet. The percentage packet loss is a relative loss of the data packets sent from source to destination. 1-2 per cent packet loss is appropriate and does not make the game vulnerable, but it may sound ridiculous and unplayable by data loss. Cut down the pursuit and grasp lag-free CSGO practices What is packet loss? Packet loss refers to any packets of data that are lost or dropped in transit during travel across a computer network. Packet loss could be due to a failure or an inefficiency of a component that carries data across a network, such as a faulty router, a loose cable connection or bad wifi signal strength

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. CS:GO - How to Stuttering / Micro Lag Fix - Fixing Var Choke Loss Spikes - YouTube Outdated Hardware: Old hardware can also be the source of packet loss. If your internet service provider installed a router several years ago, that router might not be able to support current speeds and might cause a loss of packets. Corrupt Software: It's not always the hardware that may be the cause of packet loss. Sometimes your game files might be corrupted, or there might be a problem in your operating system. This, however, is less common A lot of packet loss

Packet loss ONLY in CSGO :: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive General Discussion

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